A Simple Guide To The Best Investments You Should Consider In 2019

Investing in your future isn’t just about opening a 401(K) or hoping your company-provided pension and social security payments will stick around until you retire. In reality, there are hundreds of ways you can invest your money. Some investments can help you realize a quick return on your money while others mature after many years, ensuring a safety net well into your retirement. Researchers are constantly balancing the best type of investments for beginners, intermediate, and seasoned investors based on current market variables and these investments are what they’re touting in 2019.

Certificates Of Deposit Are Perfect For Retirees

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Certificates of Deposit or CD’s are federally ensured time deposits that are issued by banks and offer a higher interest rate than savings accounts. They have specific maturity dates that can range anywhere from weeks to years, although you may not withdraw the money within the agreed upon period without penalty.

With CDs, the bank pays you interest in established intervals and when it has fully matured, you receive your original payment, plus the interest you have earned. According to Bankrate, as of May 2019, you can earn almost up to 3% interest on your investment. These investments are popular among retirees due to their safety and high payouts.