Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Monaco’s Royal Family

Since 1297, the royal Grimaldi family has ruled the Principality of Monaco. The royal family has made headlines throughout history, from a supposed family curse to an Oscar-winning actress ascending to the throne.

If you don’t know much about Monaco’s royal family, then you’re missing out on some controversial marriages, Olympic sports rulers, and extravagant royal decor. Here’s everything you need to know about the current Monaco royal family. The wedding and baby photos coming from these royal couples will make a lot more sense to you in the next couple of months.

Prince Rainier III Married Oscar Actress Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly after the religious wedding with Prince Rainier
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Sixty-two years before Meghan Markle sacrificed her acting career for Prince Harry, Grace Kelly announced that her five-year-long film career would end for love. Kelly had already won Best Actress Oscar for The Country Girl, but she paused her roles after meeting Prince Rainier on a train.

Their initial meetups started out rocky, from Kelly’s car crashing into a photographer’s, to the Prince not showing up on time, to him asking her for a tour with the reply that she already had taken the tour, thank you. But the two married in April 1956, and their union was called “the wedding of the century.”