These Hotel Hacks Will Make Your Travels Infinitely More Convenient

Americans love traveling and whether it’s for business or pleasure, it usually means that you’re going to end up staying in a hotel. Although sometimes staying in a hotel can be fun (room service? yes please!), they have a tendency to make your life more difficult and can be an anxiety-inducer.

Think of all the worries that run through your mind when staying in a hotel. Is it clean? Does it have everything you need? For those who worry easily, fear not: this list of “hotel hacks” will help you get by to make your stay that much more pleasant.

Keep That Light Out

Keep It Dark

While hotel blinds are great for privacy and keeping some of the sun out in the morning, rarely is it fully dark in the room before you’re ready to open the blinds and see the sun. There is almost always a small (frustrating) gap between the blinds that will allow a sliver of light in the room.

A simple and easy solution to this problem is to use a few of the hangers provided and utilize the clips to hold the shades together. It might not look pretty, but it works.