More US Universities Are Dropping Standardized Test Requirements For Admissions

The stress of applying to college is enormous. Many students get discouraged by their weak test scores. However, many colleges are changing their ways and putting less weight on test scores such as ACT and SATs. As many as one in four colleges and universities have eliminated the requirement of these scores for admission.

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By taking away test scores in admission requirements, the schools are attempting to diversify the pool of prospective students. Dropping standardized tests is also a recognition of cheating issues and resources available mainly to higher-income families, such as tutoring.

The issue of elitism in college admissions was brought to light this year after federal investigation Operation Varsity Blues showed admissions fraud that resulted in indictments of dozens of people who paid to create false records to secure admissions to top schools. Actress Felicity Huffman was caught paying $15,000 to falsify her daughter's SAT scores.

Some of the top schools that look beyond standardized test scores when it comes to admitting students to college include Texas A&M University, American University, University of San Francisco, Boston University and Washington State University.