These Tips Will Help You Perfect Your Next Presentation

Whether it's in a professional setting or even in casual conversation, many people struggle with tripping over their words. It can often be a huge source of insecurity. An inability to speak clearly and communicate with others can often hinder your ability to do your job well. Here are five tips to help you articulate better in your professional and personal lives.

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One way to realize where you struggle with speaking is to listen to yourself. Try recording your voice and identifying any problem areas you have.

You should also confidently pronounce words during conversation. Fully pronouncing your syllables with help you avoid trailing off and help you slow down your speaking.

On that note, try and keep it simple when speaking in a professional setting. Long, winding sentences can lead you on tangents and could cause your audience to lose attention.

One big thing is to avoid using "fillers" in conversations and presentations. Overusing words like "um" and "like" may make you come across as unsure to your audience.

Also, when it comes to your audience it's important to gauge how receptive they are to what you're saying. Paying attention to that will help you decide whether you need to speed up or slow down, which is extremely important in a professional presentation setting.