Security Experts Recommend These Tips To Protect Your iPhone

In today’s digitized age, all of our personal information from our banking details to our contacts is stored on our phones. Having this sensitive data in one device makes your information more prone to cyber theft and hacking. Companies like Apple take extra precautions to ensure that their customers’ data is protected but there is no reason why you shouldn’t take some extra precautions.

There are many different ways hackers can get access to your personal data — even using public WiFi or downloading certain apps can expose you. Thankfully, there are also numerous ways to protect your data from theft. Here are the top tips recommended by experts to protect your iPhone.

Enable ‘Find my iPhone’

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Photo by Kevin Nixon/Future via Getty Images
Photo by Kevin Nixon/Future via Getty Images

Apple has a “Find my iPhone” app which helps locate your phone if it gets lost or stolen. The app lets you remotely delete your data so that no one can access the information on your device. You can log into your iCloud account and wipe the data so that the hacker has no way of stealing it.

If your iPhone is switched off, you can also program the phone to wipe itself the next time it is connected to WiFi. Make sure that the Find my iPhone feature is enabled on your device so that you are able to wipe it clean.