You Won’t Believe How Much the Most Expensive Autographs In the World Are Worth

Fans go wild for the autograph of their beloved icons, often lining up for hours after concerts or plays to get a rain-smeared signature. While a signature may be sentimentally priceless, some autographs can fetch more than the value of our houses at auction.

From important political documents to handwritten song lyrics and personal letters, you’d be surprised at just how much these items can be worth. Join us as we take a look at some of the most valuable autographs on the planet.

George Washington – $9,800,000 Million

PHAS/UIG via Getty Images
PHAS/UIG via Getty Images

George Washington is possibly the most famous president ever to have lived. Not only was he one of the Founding Fathers, but he served as America’s first President. He’s known for passing some of the fundamental laws of the country, so it’s not surprising that his autograph – especially on Acts of Congress – is worth a pretty penny.

If you wanted to add George’s scribble to your collection then you’d have to shell out around $9,800,000 million dollars for the privilege. It’s unlikely that any private owner will ever have that honor though as these are historical artifacts. Still, one can dream.