These Are The Richest People In Each Of The Largest U.S. Cities

America’s three richest billionaires – Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet – are wealthier than the entire bottom half of the nation’s population combined. While Americans are well aware of these three billionaires and what they do, there’s still a surprising amount of other people who are in America’s billionaire’s club. Keep reading to see who the richest people are in each of America’s largest cities.

Alice Walton Is The Richest Woman In Fort Worth, Texas

Rick T. Wilking/Getty Images
Rick T. Wilking/Getty Images

Alice Walton is reportedly the second wealthiest female billionaire by net worth in the world. Daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton, she has a reported net worth of $41.8 billion as of May 2018.

While much of her wealth ostensibly comes from Walmart shares, Walton has had a successful career in her own right. She previously worked as an equity analyst, money manager, and broker before founding her own investment bank in 1988. Though it closed ten years later, Walton has dedicated her time to art collecting and developing the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Arkansas where she was born.