The Most Expensive Jewels In The World

The Vivid Pink by Graff

Value: $11.8 Million

Pink diamonds are very valuable; no one is certain why pink diamonds are pink because every other color has some definitive explanation. But in this case, scientists can only hypothesize. They think that some sort of seismic shock is responsible for changing the molecular structure of these very rare gemstones. So it makes sense that the Vivid Pink Graff diamond is very valuable and made this list.

The gem is classified by the Gemological Institute of America as “fancy intense pink.” The diamond’s history is not clear. Harry Winston sold it to a private collector in the 1950s, who owned it up until 2010 until it was sold at auction. Despite its rarity, the diamond was unnamed for all this time. The centerpiece is the cushion-shaped, 5 carats, pink diamond. The diamond is of such high quality that it is given the classification of fancy vivid. On each side, as a complementary touch, you can find a “regular” shield-shaped diamond all mounted in platinum and 18k rose gold.