The Most Expensive Jewels In The World

If you are like us, you have wondered what jewels are the most valuable and rare and that is why we compiled this list. Check out these remarkable stones.

Wallis Simpson Panther Bracelet

Value: $12.4 Million

Many people have seen the infamous panther bracelet and have seen some cheaper look-alikes. But this original was a part of Wallis Simpson’s collection. She is probably best known for her relationship with Edward VIII. It resulted in his abdication of the British throne in the 1930s. Over her life, Simpson collected many gifts from Edward. But some of those gifts ended up on the auction block in 2010.

One of the items, which caught a hefty bid, was a Cartier created bracelet. It was in the form of a panther. This is definitely one of the more unconventional jewelry pieces being that it is in the shape of a panther. The panther’s body is made of diamonds and onyx and its eyes are composed of two specially cut emeralds.