Money Flies: Millionaires And Their Drool Worthy Private Planes

Individuals with fame and fortune often show the fruits of their labor in the most extravagant of ways. Some people buy really nice houses, and others purchase really nice cars. You may think these individuals use commercial planes to travel here and there, but after considering the amount of fans and paparazzi that swarm these guys and gals, it does seem understandable that they’d want their own private jet or plane.These jets and planes flown by million dollar individuals have all of the luxuries that ordinary planes do not. Check out these millionaires and their fabulous private jets.

Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Bombardier Challenger 850


What better way to tell your husband that he’s doing a great job as a father? By buying him a private jet, of course! At least, that’s what superstar Beyoncé did when she shelled out a cool $40 million to reward hubby Jay Z for being an amazing dad to their daughter Blue Ivy.

The Bombardier Challenger 850 comfortably flies 15 passegners and is decked out with all the most extravagant luxuries, including a bedroom, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, and cream leather seats throughout the living room. Not a bad way to travel the friendly skies!