Films That Earned Serious Cash In 2018: Can You Guess Which Was The Highest Grossing?

From prequels to long-awaited sequels, fans of all genres were far from disappointed with the movies released in 2018. Superheros reigned supreme and had many believing that a fake, hidden country in Africa was real. Thanks to a hero from Wakanda, we began to witness a huge transformation in the ways studios varied their films. This paradigm shift helped several diverse films with lead characters you don’t usually see winning at the box office now cracking the top of the highest grossing list. Which titles do you think brought in the biggest bucks in 2018?

Ocean’s 8 ($139,377,762)

oceans 8
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

For one hour and 50 minutes, moviegoers had the opportunity to enjoy a female-led cast film that was both clever and humorous. Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, and Cate Blanchett headlined the charge, along with some new faces like singer Rihanna and breakout actress Awkwafina as they kept this long-lasting franchise of high-end heists alive.

The plan in this one was to steal an expensive jewel from the iconic Met Gala event. With a cast stacked and filled with prominent stars who are equally as talented as they are beautiful, it would have been pretty hard for this one to fail.