Early And Upcoming 2019 Black Friday Deals: 4K TVs

Black Friday 2019 is packed full of 4K TV deals. While you can wait until Black Friday and fight your way through crowds of people, some specials have already been announced and are available early. We’ve compiled a list of Black Friday deals and compared them to already ongoing or previous sales. We discovered that some in-store deals are NOT worth fighting over while other deals could save you hundreds of dollars. We’ve listed TVs ranging from 40 to 70-inches.

40-Inch Vizio V405-G9 ($200) At TARGET And COSTCO


If you’re new to the 4K scene and looking for a solid entry-level 4K TV you can’t go wrong with the 50-inch Video V405-G9. The TV is already selling for a rather low $240 on Target’s website and through Best Buy and Amazon, and now the retailer is dropping the price by $40 for Black Friday.

This is a solid choice if you’re looking for an upgrade from your 720P or 1080P TV and not particularly concerned with going crazy on added 4K features offered by some higher-end models. Both Cosco and Target are offering this great Black Friday TV deal.