Barbies That Are Worth Big Bucks

Many of us have owned a Barbie at some point in our lives. These dolls have been around for many years and continue to remain one of the most popular toys today. Each doll comes with a unique aesthetic; some dolls are princesses while others are astronauts or doctors.

The Barbie doll was invented in 1959 and Mattel has sold over a billion dolls since its introduction to the world. While all Barbies are popular among kids, there are a few that stand out for being particularly valuable — some of them with price tags that reach into the thousands. Here are the most valuable Barbies in the world today.

Calvin Klein Barbie


In 1996, Mattel created a doll that featured designer Calvin Klein’s high-quality denim. The doll is a limited-edition piece and is incredibly hard to find today and is worth $1,400.

This ’90s-trend Barbie is adorned in a gray t-shirt worn with a denim jacket. The shirt is imprinted with the CK logo. She’s truly a big Calvin Klein fan as she’s also wearing Calvin Klein underwear! Other accessories include white sneakers and a backpack.