These Are Some Of The Most Marked-Up Restaurant Items

It’s no secret that dining out is generally more expensive than making something at home. The added price goes toward operational costs and is carefully planned to ensure that the restaurant can turn a profit. Still, some items are so heavily marked-up that it’s hard to justify paying for them. For instance, pizza can be priced at around ten times the cost to make, and that’s before you add any toppings. Or the cost to add an egg is typically the same price as an entire carton from the store. Read on to learn which food items you may want to skip the next time you dine out.

Pizza Can Cost Ten Times More Than Its Ingredients

Emmanuele Ciancaglini/NurPhoto via Getty Images
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Have you ever wondered why fast food pizza is so much less expensive than the pizza you order at a restaurant? While you may want to think that it’s the ingredients, the hard truth is that even the quality pies only cost about $2 to make, according to national restaurant consultant Frank Klein.

Still, restaurants will often charge $12 to $20 for the entree. And then there’s the dollar or two charged per topping, many of which cost the restaurant less than 50 cents. You’re better off getting a kid’s cheese pizza for $7 and at least getting a side with it!