The Most-Googled Money Terms In Each State

Today, people are just a Google search away from answering almost any question, including all things financial. It’s not unusual for people to turn to Google for questions such as how to manage money or to receive clarification on financial issues. However, some money-related questions tend to be more popular in different regions of the United States. In order to reveal the most-Googled money terms according to each state and some cities, Student Loan Hero conducted an analysis for popular money-related terms using Google Trends. These are their results.

District Of Columbia: Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Robert Alexander/Getty Images
Robert Alexander/Getty Images

In the District of Columbia or Washington D.C., the United State’s capital, public service loan forgiveness is the most researched money subject. However, this is not surprising that the people living in the nation’s capital have an interest in Public Service Loan Forgiveness or PSLF.

Because there are so many government jobs in the area, many of the residents with federal student loans may be eligible for Public Service Loan Forgiveness. Other top searches included return on investment, brokerage account, and index fund.