Hold Onto These: New Toys That Could Be Worth A Fortune In A Decade

Do you remember all those toys from your childhood that your parents tossed in the trash? Do you often wonder how much they would be worth today?

If so, it’s up to you to avoid a similar fate in the future. If you have any toys around the house that you believe could be worth big money in the future, it’s best to hang onto them. There is no way of knowing which ones will increase in value, but that’s part of the fun. All you can do is save them and hope for the best. Let’s take a look at some of the toys that could increase in value over the next decade.

Save Anything Star Wars

Star Wars figurines
David Becker/Getty Images
David Becker/Getty Images

Star Wars has been and always will be one of the top movie franchises of all time. Because of this, you can expect new Star Wars toys to hit the market year after year. Looking back at the past, you’ll find that many Star Wars toys, such as figurines and lunch boxes, are now worth a small fortune.

If you have any Star Wars items in your possession, it’s best to hold onto them for the time being. After all, it won’t be long before another chapter in the franchise hits theaters!