Most Passengers Don’t Tip Their Uber Driver

Uber has made it ridiculously easy to get around. They get you there quickly, safely, and generally headache free. But do you actually end up tipping the driver when you’re finished with the ride? A study finds that most people do not.

A new study by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) has found that only 16% of Uber rides are tipped. During four weeks of data collection of over 40 million rides, the NBER found that almost two-thirds of riders don’t even bother tipping at all. Only 1% of riders tip on every single trip. The rest of the riders only tip on an average of 25% of their trips.

The study also found there was a difference between men and women when it came to tipping. Male riders were 23% more likely to tip their drivers than females. When it comes to drivers themselves, females were 12% more likely to receive a tip than male drivers.

The study’s author, Uri Gneezy, says the lack of tipping could be due to the layout of the Uber app.

“I think Uber drivers are tipped less than taxi drivers because tipping happens after the ride is over and not face to face,” said Gneezy. “Riders don’t tip automatically, but only if they are happy with the service.”

It seems like using the app layout is a bad excuse for not tipping. It’s important to remember that driving Uber is often a driver’s main source of income.