Money Saving Alternatives To Plastic That Also Help The Environment

Have you been watching David Attenborough’s new nature series Our Planet on Netflix? If not, you should definitely get on that. Shows like his make you want to spring into action and protect the planet in any way that you can. Simply reducing the amount of plastic you use on a daily basis can help in a major way.

This list will give you some tips on how you can protect the environment, one reusable shopping bag at a time. Plus, when you reuse, you don’t just save the environment, you also save money.

Washable Mesh Produce Bags

Photo Credit: Facebook/Opremium
Photo Credit: Facebook/Opremium

You can get a set of five mesh produce bags on Amazon for $9.97. Bring them to the grocery store, fill them up with your favorite fruits and vegetables, then take them home and empty them into your refrigerator.

These are foldable, washable, and color coded. Now you won’t need to use those plastic produce bags they have on rolls at the grocery store, which means you won’t need to throw away those plastic produce bags.