How To Improve Your Negotiating Skills

If you’re a master in the art of negotiating you can get whatever you want in life. Whether you need to negotiate a raise at work or the price of a piece of furniture, these tips will help you improve your negotiating skills so you can get the best outcome out of your future dealing.

Negotiating can be anxiety-inducing since you’re at risk of rejection and embarrassment. According to neuroscientist Tara Stewart, this anxiety causes a release of adrenaline and triggers the fight-or-flight response.

To help reduce the stress of negotiating, it’s important not to project an outcome. Projecting an income leads to sensory changes in the body and brain which causes even more anxiety.

Before a big negotiation, many people tend to psych themselves out of doing well. It’s important to practice self-care for the process. Stay hydrated, avoid caffeine, and practice deep breathing to help sooth the nervousness of the situation.

Although it’s more nerve-wracking, one of the most important tips for negotiating is doing it in person. Finer details are often lost in translation via text, so be sure to do your negotiating face-to-face.

Finally, a win-win approach is a great way to be a friendly negotiator. When you use “we” statements, you are able to bridge the gap between yourself and the other person. Try to have a positive attitude and remember these tips next time you need to do some expert negotiating!