3 Ways Your Coworkers Can Save You Money

If you’re friends with your coworkers, you’re already a step ahead of the game in saving money at work. But even if you don’t have anyone’s phone number (yet) you’re still in a position where your coworkers can help you save money. How? Full-time workers are spending more than 40 hours a week in and around the workplace, and this huge chunk of your time each week is, for many people, pretty predictable. Use that predictability to your advantage and you can pocket more of your paycheck each week.

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Carpool, even for just a couple of days

Often times when it comes to saving money, dieting, and other painful yet necessary aspects of life, people will go in with the mentality of all-or-nothing. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Maybe you already have a schedule with your significant other to take turns dropping and picking up the kids from school. But if you carpool with a co-worker two days a week, you could easily save gas money, as well as spending less time sitting in traffic by cruising in the carpool lane.

Collaborate on lunch

Meal prep isn’t the most fun activity for everyone, but going out to lunch every day can take a huge hit on your budget. Since your coworkers need to eat too, and many people take lunch at the same time, why not split the cost and time spent prepping? Ask your coworkers if anyone wants to do a potluck style lunch a few times a week. One person brings protein while others contribute the sides, and switch off. You’ll have to find someone who enjoys the same foods as you, but it’s an easy opportunity to save time, money, and have someone to eat lunch with, too.

Find a budget buddy

Goals are easier to achieve when you have someone else there to hold you accountable. While at work, it’s easy to be tempted by that over-priced coffee drink across the street, splurging at happy hour, or even shopping online from your desk. If you have a coworker who is also trying to save money, you can help each other out by politely reminding one another of their goal to save before they run out for a $12 smoothie. Sometimes just knowing someone else has an eye out will be enough to keep your wallet in your pocket at work. And instead of heading to the coffee shop, going on a quick walk with a coworker has been proven to increase your mood and energy, nixing the need for that overpriced coffee drink entirely.