Wildly Expensive Homes That Show How Much Money Can Buy

Have you ever walked through an open house that was way out of your price range just for the fun of it? Those multi-million dollar homes are nothing compared to the most expensive estates in the world. With price tags ranging from the $75 million to $2 billion, these properties offer features you wouldn’t even dream of requesting. From private aquariums to IMAX movie theaters to skyscraper pools, these mansions show how much money can buy.

This $301 Million Home Has An Aquarium!

Twenty minutes West of Paris sits this astounding estate, which is worth just over $300 million! As you can tell, the architects were inspired by classic palaces when they built this château. Some of its more jaw-dropping features are the hand-painted ceilings and a personal aquarium!


The home also features a dozen types of imported marble and a statue of Louis XIV, the latter of which commemorates the estate’s name: Château Louis XIV. Since the home is truly fit for a king, it’s no wonder that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia purchased it in 2015.

This $387 Million Penthouse Has A Sky-High Pool!

We guarantee that no child could have dreamt up this water slide! Sitting at the top of the second-tallest building in Europe’s Mediterranean coast is a 5-story penthouse with an infinity pool that looks out to the city far down below.

Tour Odeon
Tour Odeon

Being that the residences in this Monaco skyscraper are priced to attract the wealthiest in the world, it’s no surprise that the penthouse on top is worth almost $400 million! The luxurious estate comes with five-star perks on the daily, from limousine service to dry and house cleaning to valet and vehicle washes.

This Bel-Air Mansion Is The Most Expensive One In The US

At half a billion dollars, this Bel-Air mega-mansion is the most expensive residence in the United States! There are 20 bedrooms and 30 bathrooms throughout the staggering 100,000 square feet this home has to offer!

The Society Group
The Society Group

The estate’s bowling alley and nightclub are minor features compared to its jellyfish room and IMAX theater! It also features a 30-car gallery and a moat. The property is rightfully named “The One,” because literally no other mansion can compare.

At $2.2 Billion, Only The Buckingham Palace Is More Expensive

This unbelievable Mumbai estate is the second-most expensive residence in the world, valued at $2.2 billion! Only the Buckingham Palace is pricier, with an estimated price tag of about $5 billion.

The 570-foot building only has 27 floors because each level stands at the same height as the average two-story. The home features a 50-seat movie theater, three helicopter pads, a 168-car garage, a snow room, a massive temple, and so much more. To top it off, the building was reinforced so it can withstand an 8.0 earthquake!

This Ranch Is On The Market For Almost A Quarter Of A Billion!

Mesa Vista Ranch is one of the few properties that you’d have to be a billionaire to comfortably afford. On the market for a whopping $220 million, this property was home to oil magnate T. Boone Pickens until he passed in 2019.

Hall and Hall
Hall and Hall

The ranch expands across 100 square miles and features multiple living spaces, including a 25,000 square foot main house. The property also has an airport hangar, a golf course, a lake house, and an 11,000 square foot dog kennel.

This $76 Million Penthouse Has Panoramic New York City Views

If you have $76 million laying around somewhere, you can own one of the most exquisite homes in the Big Apple! This penthouse features sweeping views of New York City skyscrapers from the 4,500 square feet of rooftop space.


When indoors, there are massive windows that reach up to the 18 and 23-foot ceilings. There are 11 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms throughout the 19,815 square foot home. If you think there isn’t enough bang for your buck, consider that the initial listing price was almost $100 million!

This $94 Million Was Initially Listed For 2.5 Times As Much

Though this Bel Air estate sold for a mere $11 million back in 2013, the wise owner sent the property value through the roof with amenities like a helicopter pad, massage parlor, and a car garage stocked with expensive vehicles. According to Zillow, the next listing price came in 2017 at $250,000,000!

Hilton & Hyland
Hilton & Hyland

After a couple of price reductions, the 38,000 square foot home sold in 2019 for $94 million. Considering the mansion was once the most expensively priced home in America, the current homeowner got a steal!

This “Bubble Palace” Is Worth Almost $400 Million!

If you’re asking yourself what could possibly compel someone to spend $387 million on a mansion that looks like a trypophobiac’s worst nightmare, you’re not alone. Located on the coast of Theoule sur Mer, this unusual structure is essentially 13,000 square feet of bubbles.

Christie’s International Real Estate
Christie’s International Real Estate

Some of the home’s worthwhile features include a 500-seat outdoor auditorium, gardens, ponds, a swimming pool, a hot tub with a fountain, and panoramic ocean views. As you might expect, all of the rooms have a circular, bubble-like shape.

This $104 Million France Estate Is Topped With A Massive Pool

This 98,000 square foot estate in Theole Sur Mer, France is an architectural masterpiece. The building’s roof is a circular pool surrounded by treetops and looking out to the ocean!

Sotheby’s International Realty
Sotheby’s International Realty

With 18 bedrooms and 5 full bathrooms, this property can accommodate many guests. It’s also split into four separate homes for ample privacy and plenty of rental options. Complete with a sauna, gym, and massage parlor, you’ll feel like you’re on vacation every day on this estate.

Bill Gates Owns This $131 Million Home

Bill Gates owns this Washington home, so it’s no surprise that the billionaire was able to drop more than $130 million on the estate. The home has over 66,000 square feet, which is especially staggering considering there are only seven bedrooms.

Though a limited number of guests can have their own room, there are 10 full bathrooms and 14 half baths, so no one will be waiting in line to go. The home also boasts six kitchens, a 60-foot-pool, and an elevator.

This $95 Million Private Island Features 26 Acres Of Vegetation

What better way to live the islander life than on your own private island? This 26-acre estate in Florida is busting with vegetation and features an airstrip for private jets so you can fly, or boat over to the mainland.


Equipped with 10 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms, 11 of which are full, you could house your entire family on the island during holidays. Considering the average price of a home in Florida is only about $245,000, according to Business Insider, this $95 million estate is a knockout property.

Henry Ford Had This $145 Million Estate Built For Him

In Southampton New York lies this exquisite $145 million property, which is famed for being the home Henry Ford had built for him. As the price implies, it has the largest ocean frontage in the Hamptons, totaling at almost a quarter-mile.

Sotheby’s International Realty
Sotheby’s International Realty

The estate also features a kayaking pond, a koi pond with a waterfall, a tennis court, and a garden. Inside, the 20,000 square feet of living space includes 12 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, a fitness center, and cathedral ceilings.

A Prime Minister And A Prince Owned This $262 Million Estate

Lebanon’s late prime minister, Rafiq Hariri, and former Saudi Arabian crown prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz both owned this $262 million London estate at separate times. The property boasts a staggering 62,000 square feet that includes staterooms, staff rooms, and 20 bedrooms.

Gareth E. Kegg
Gareth E. Kegg

The home also features a pool, spa, underground parking, elevators, and a gym. The property was initially listed at $384.6 million, but it remained on the market for almost a decade before selling for a fraction of the asking price.

Celebrities Have Lived In This $115 Million LA Mansion

This mansion may sit in the heart of Los Angeles, but you’d never guess it based on its Italian architecture and lush landscaping. The home sits on 10 acres of private estate, enabling dwellers to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city without actually leaving it.


It’s no wonder celebrities Tony Curtis and Sonny & Cher once lived on the gorgeous property. The 12,000 square foot home features a sunroom, library, an Olympic-sized pool, and pool house!

This $78 Million Estate Features 439 Acres Of Land!

If you don’t like living in close quarters to neighbors, then this $78 million Colorado estate may be your dream home. The mansion sits on 439 acres of private land, so you can venture out into those gorgeous mountain views.

Sotheby’s International Realty
Sotheby’s International Realty

In cooler months, outdoorsy homeowners can stay active without bracing the weather thanks to the indoor sports court, fitness center, pool, and rock climbing wall! The 32,000 square foot home even has a private airport and lake!

This $120 Million Estate Has More Than 50,000 Square Feet!

If this home looks unusually large compared to the buildings in the distance, it’s because it is. Located in the Westwood district of Los Angeles, this mega-mansion has a whopping 56,500 square feet!

Coldwell Banker Realty
Coldwell Banker Realty

The 14 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms hardly make a dent in the massive space, which also features a library, bowling alley, gym, beauty salon, tennis court, gardens, and a pool! And did we mention there’s a theatre? Not a home movie theater; a theatre, for performances.

This $115 Million Malibu Mansion Has A Grand Entrance

When it comes to dramatic entrance’s, it doesn’t get much more elegant that this mansion’s long driveway flanked by bridges and leading to an exposed interior. The glass house sits on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, Los Angeles and features an infinity pool, catering kitchen, movie theater, and gym.

Sotheby’s International Realty
Sotheby’s International Realty

A gorgeous spiral staircase passes through the home’s three levels and is underscored by an 18-foot chandelier! Priced at $115 million, Zillow estimates this house’ mortgage payment would be about half a million a month!

A Broadway Producer Built This $78 Million Florida Estate

The late Broadway producer Irwin Kramer built this masterpiece of an estate alongside his wife in 1995. The waterfront Florida home sits on a 2.61-acre lot featuring lush gardens and a swimming pool.

Ashley McIntosh Real Estate
Ashley McIntosh Real Estate

Inside the 20,806 square foot home are 15 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms, plus a game room, home theater, and a fitness center. Though the property sold for $78 million in 2019, Zillow now estimates that its value now closer to $44.2 million.

This $110 Million Ranch Features Two Incredible Villas

Rancho Tajiguas is a 3,500-acre ranch nestled in between Southern California’s coast and mountain range. The image above is just one of the two villas featured on the massive property, both of which have 5 bedrooms and twice as many bathrooms!


Villa Della Costa, shown above, is the smaller of the two mansions, coming in at 10,300 square feet compared to Villa Del Mare’s 12,000 square feet. Both homes feature a guest house, theater, and swimming pool! It’s no wonder this impressive estate is valued at over $100 million.

This $130 Million France Estate Comes With Its Own Lake

Located in Cannes, France, this breathtaking mansion features more than 30,000 square feet of living space atop its almost 6 acres of land. Guests will immediately be impressed by the roundabout driveway surrounding a water fountain.

Sotheby’s International Realty
Sotheby’s International Realty

Around back is not only a pool but also a private pond complete with a deck! The house also has ocean views, so it’s the perfect spot for those who love being surrounded by water. The $130 million home also features a nightclub, elevator, gym, tennis court, and sauna.

This $125 Million Barbados Mansion Features Four Residences

Why have one house when you can have four? That seems to have been the logic behind the Palazzate in Barbados, at least. For $125 million, the homeowner can enjoy the four individual residences that make up this 75,000 square foot mansion.


Each home has a 1,200 square foot master bedroom with a private balcony and a 2,300 terrace complete with its own infinity pool looking out to the ocean down below. The property also has an 18-car garage and a luxury spa and gym.

This $135 Million Mansion Appeared In The Godfather

If this salmon-pink mansion looks familiar, it may be because the estate was featured in The Godfather, as well as a few other films. The famous property was also the spot where John F. Kennedy and Jackie O spent their honeymoon.

Jade Mills Estates
Jade Mills Estates

Finally, the Beverly Hills mansion was the home of newspaper magnate Willian Randolph Hearst. Featuring 19 bedrooms and 29 bathrooms, you truly could get lost in this 50,000 square foot space, which is valued at $125,000,000.

This $126 Million Mansion Has Views Of Downtown Hong Kong

This 9,000 square foot mansion has plenty to write home about, from the unique pool to the views of downtown Hong Kong. It features a rooftop terrace with panoramic views, a karaoke room, a pet room, and a garden.

Sotheby’s International Realty
Sotheby’s International Realty

The views are never lost thanks to the floor to ceiling windows throughout the home. Though the house only sports five bedrooms and four bathrooms, they must be enormous given the property’s overall size and the $126.5 million asking price.

This $129 Million Mansion Has A 24-Car Garage!

This massive estate sits on a hillside in Beverly Hills and features a whopping 53,000 square feet! It comes with not one but two pools, one of which is long and narrow and has a water feature. Inside is a 50-seat theater, a salon, a fitness room, 12 bedrooms, and 23 bathrooms!


It also comes with a private vineyard, a 24-car garage, and a guardhouse. Though the home sold in 2020 for $129 million, it is currently on the market as a rental for a quarter of a million dollars per month!

This $137.5 Million Waterfront Estate Has 5 Residences!

Between its main residence, guest house, two cottages, and a “mango” house, this $137.5 million estate in Florida is essentially its own community. It includes 15 acres of waterfront land and more than 62,000 square feet of living space.


A road divides the property, but homeowners hardly notice thanks to a series of tunnels, one of which doubles as a gallery! Along the exterior, you’ll find botanical gardens, a tennis and basketball court, a pool, and a golf area.

This $160 Million Beverly Hills Home Took 7 Years To Build

You know that you’ve made it when your house has its own street. Such is the case with this $160 million Beverly Hills estate, which took 7 years to come to full fruition. The 20,000 square foot home features 20 bedrooms and 23 bathrooms along with a four-acre backyard.

Hilton & Hyland
Hilton & Hyland

Between the pool house and two guest houses, there’s plenty of room for everyone in your family to live here. The nine acres property is so large that it even has its own walking trail!

This $225 Million Home Has 60 Rooms!

Spending hundreds of millions of dollars on a house isn’t a viable option for many. Fortunately, this $225 million estate has 60 rooms, so you can split the cost dozens of ways! The Bel-Air home was built in 1937 and has formal, Georgian features like 18-foot ceilings, pillars, a walnut-paneled library, and a reception hall.


The mansion also sports a guest house, pool and pool house, greenrooms, a screening room, a basketball and tennis court, koi ponds, and rose gardens.

This $530 Million Mansion Was Built On A King’s Estate

Located in Villefranche-sur-Mer, this $530 million home was built on an estate that once belonged to Belgian King Leopold II. The famous home has been featured in a handful of films, including Alfred Hitchcock’s’ To Catch A Thief.

The estate features 11 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms spread across its 29,000 square feet. It also has numerous cottages, greenhouses, and botanical gardens. Best of all, there are sweeping ocean views and lush landscaping throughout the property.

This $450 Million Estate Has A 40,000 Square Foot Basement!

This London estate is just shy of half a billion dollars! The mansion sits on 5 acres of land and boasts 40,000 square feet in the basement alone! The original property dates back to 1774, but this version was completed in 1920.

The home features 65 rooms, 25 of which are bedrooms, a 70-foot-long pool, a gym, and a spa. It’s known as a secret house because the owner was kept under wraps for years, and has since been revealed to be a Russian billionaire.

This $237 Million Penthouse Was The Priciest UK Home

When one very wealthy individual decided to purchase a penthouse in the esteemed One Hyde Park in London, they may not have realized that transaction made history. It was the priciest residential home ever sold in the UK up to that point, costing a whopping $237 million.

Since the penthouse only offers 16,000 square feet, the price comes out to almost $12,000 per square foot! Since the people living there obviously have money to blow, the establishment provides top-notch security and even features bullet-proof glass!