Wildly Expensive Homes That Show How Much Money Can Buy

Have you ever walked through an open house that was way out of your price range just for the fun of it? Those multi-million dollar homes are nothing compared to the most expensive estates in the world. With price tags ranging from the $75 million to $2 billion, these properties offer features you wouldn’t even dream of requesting. From private aquariums to IMAX movie theaters to skyscraper pools, these mansions show how much money can buy.

This $301 Million Home Has An Aquarium!


Twenty minutes West of Paris sits this astounding estate, which is worth just over $300 million! As you can tell, the architects were inspired by classic palaces when they built this château. Some of its more jaw-dropping features are the hand-painted ceilings and a personal aquarium!

The home also features a dozen types of imported marble and a statue of Louis XIV, the latter of which commemorates the estate’s name: Château Louis XIV. Since the home is truly fit for a king, it’s no wonder that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia purchased it in 2015.