The Value Of These Cars Is Falling Faster Than Snow In Winter

Choosing what car to buy is a big decision. What’s most important to you; safety, price, roominess, miles per gallon, or a combination of all of the above? If price matters, then you’re going to want to avoid the cars on this list. After buying them new, their value plummets, and your loss on investment is huge. We bet you’re not prepared to lose $14,000 because that’s how much a few of these cars will depreciate in one year!

The Smart Fortwo Isn’t Budget Friendly

smart fortwo depreciating in value
Maik Boenisch/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images
Maik Boenisch/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

Looking to join the electric revolution? If you are, you’ve probably taken a look at the Smart Fortwo. The trendy car starts at $25,390 and comes standard with tantalizing autonomous features. Be careful if this is your dream car, however.

After one year, the value will drop by roughly 36 percent! If the small car is the one you’ve been dreaming about, make sure you hold on to it for a few years. That way, by the time you’re ready to move on, it won’t hurt as much.