The Richest Countries In The World Might Not Be What You Expected

France — GDP per capita: $45,586

GettyImages-1152505846 People bathe in the Trocadero Fountain near the Eiffel Tower in Paris during a heatwave on June 28, 2019
Photo by Zakaria ABDELKAFI / AFP/Getty Images
Photo by Zakaria ABDELKAFI / AFP/Getty Images

France is at number 19 on our list with a per capita GDP of $45,586. In 2018, it was determined that France had the 6th largest economy by nominal figures. The biggest industries in France are energy, manufacturing and technology, transportation, agriculture, and tourism.

In January 2019, France increased its minimum wage to €10.03 per hour or €1,521.22 per month. That’s $11.24 U.S. dollars per hour or $1705.07 American dollars per month. The minimum wage in America is currently $7.25 per hour.