Ultimate Luxury: Behold The Most Expensive Home In The Nation

There’s luxury, and then there’s this house. Perched in the affluent community of Bel Air, the 55,000 square foot property is currently the most expensive real estate in the entire United States. Developer Bruce Makowsky was inspired by the over-the-top luxurious yachts he saw in Southern California and wondered why no one designed real estate that matches the same level of luxury. And so he decided to build a home that went above and beyond all imaginable components of a luxurious lifestyle. The Bel Air home, dubbed “Billionaire,” is on the market for $250 million and while you might not have the means to make an offer, we’ll give you a glimpse inside the most luxurious home in the nation.

Luxury Living at its Finest

Makowsky aimed to create “the ultimate megayacht, but on land” with the massive luxury home. Once he decided what his mission was, the next step was finding the perfect piece of land to build on.

The real estate developer already had his sights set on Los Angeles, but the biggest city on the west coast still offered a wide range of options. Makowsky said, “I searched by land and helicopter to find a setting worthy of creating this masterpiece.”

38,000 Interior Square Feet

Makowsky has led an exciting career in real estate, and has made news for quite a few properties that he’s purchased, renovated, and sold at a much higher price tag. Some of the properties he’s flipped have sold for six times the price he initially purchased it for.

The developer has the Midas touch in the real estate market, but he wanted this Bel Air property to be what he’s remembered for. “With my over thirty years of design experience, I wanted this to be the crown jewel of my career,” he wrote.

Sunday Funday, Forever

Bel Air is one of the most desirable neighborhoods (and the most expensive) in the US. Hollywood’s elite, as well as other millionaires in their own right, have called Bel Air home since Hollywood’s Golden Age. One Makowsky laid eyes on the location, he knew it was the perfect fit.

“I found it by air in the hills of Bel Air, within the platinum triangle of Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills, and Bel Air.” The view from every angle of the home is absolutely breathtaking, and Makowsky’s choice in location is undeniably a huge selling point of the home.

Ten Oversized VIP Guest Suites

“This enclave is home to the most affluent people in the world,” Makowsky wrote, “from Captains of industry to Hollywood elite.” You can see that the interior design of the home drew inspiration from its star-power surroundings. Portraits of Hollywood’s greatest grace the walls while luxurious leather seats draped in furs invite guests to sit back and feel like they’re in the presence of greatness.

Although the Bel Air property has never been lived in, the grandiose design allows visitors to feel as though they’re apart of the magic of the City of Angels — past and present.

Five Fully-Stocked Bars

In keeping with the theme of entertainment, the house is party-ready with five fully-stocked bars throughout the space. A far cry from an average man cave hidden in the basement of a home, these bars are primed and ready to serve a large number of guests.

And yes, of course the home comes with a full staff ready to offer five-star service to its residents and guests at the drop of a hat. How could you not take advantage of all those bar stools and booze, with a panoramic view?

A Massage Room and Wellness Spa

Anyone who has spent time in Southern California knows that its residents take great care and pride in health and wellness. That’s why Billionaire wouldn’t be complete without its own luxury wellness spa, located in the comfort of the home.

Makowsky’s team designed this space with natural elements like a wood-laid wall and palm trees that grace the floor-to-ceiling windows for a therapeutic, outdoor-inspired aura. Art installed on the wall shows a woman who is both strong and vulnerable, setting the tone for the meditative and rejuvenating space.

Enormous Wall of Candy

Candy, candy, candy! While the wine cellar might be the adult go-to, the kids will certainly rush the candy wall at first glance. Makowsky and his design team went all out on this one. Bottomless candy dispensers line the game room wall, stocked with an incredible $200,000 worth of sugary goodness.

You’ll need to do some laps in the infinity pool after indulging in this real-life candy land. If you didn’t know what luxury meant before, you should be starting to get the idea now.

Fully-Stocked Campagne and Wine Cellars

Luxury means having everything at the tip of your finger, without every having to leave the house. At Billionaire, that goes for booze, too. The home boasts not one, but two climate-controlled, state-of-the-art wine and champagne cellars, fully stocked with top-shelf items.

It seems impossible for the party to die down in a house that’s filled to the brim with alcohol. Whether you’re celebrating an Oscar-win or just another day in paradise, the cellar is ready and waiting for you to pop a bottle.

Dream Office on Penthouse Level

No one on the short list of people who can afford this mega-mansion in Bel Air gained their fortune by kicking back 24/7. That’s why Makowsky didn’t skim over the office. Instead, he placed the office at one of the best locations on the entire property: the penthouse.

Located on the top deck, the office looks out onto the city skyline, complete with leather chairs, a fur rug, and ample space to spread out. It would be an empowering place to make business deals from, that’s for sure.

Luxury at Every Turn

The layout of Billionaire is impressive. With 38,000 square feet of interior space, the home boasts twelve bedroom suites and twenty-one bathrooms, all of which are luxury, of course. This home wasn’t designed for a family, but for an affluent individual who is always ready to entertain.

Outdoor walkways, elevators, and elegant spiral staircases connect the various levels and private entrances around the property. (Just remember your bedroom is up two flights of stairs on the right. If you reach the helicopter pad, you’ve gone too far.)

World-Class Entertainment Lounge

After a long day by the pool this looks like the perfect place to kick-back and watch a film. The theater in the home offers a leather reclining chair for 40 people, with Dolby Atmos surround sound that includes 75 speakers and a 4k projector to display high-quality video on the 22-foot screen.

Don’t even think that you’ll sit there scrolling through irrelevant movies like you do on Netflix (if we’re honest.) This baby comes ready with 7,000 pre-loaded movies.

State-of-the-Art Fitness Center

Makowsky thoughtfully carried out the marble imported from Italy into the fitness center, which creates a stunning effect adorned on the wall. While the fitness center isn’t the focal point of the home (it’s really more about play than work) it’s stocked with everything you need to break a sweat.

And even with a helicopter easily accessible, no one wants to have to fight LA traffic to get a work-out in. Having an in-house fitness center is just another item on the checklist of luxury.

Top-Notch Security

The grounds have a total of 55,000 square feet, which is a lot to cover when it comes to security. However, Makowsky and his team didn’t skip on this element, as they know that whoever will move into the most expensive home in the nation will require the comfort of knowing the property is secured at every access.

Technology played a huge role in securing “Billionaire,” says Makowksy. “The home technology throughout- the combination of sight, sound and security- is nothing short of cutting-edge and totally flawless.”

The Latest in Home Technology

The nation’s most expensive and luxurious home wouldn’t be complete without the latest in technology and entertainment- and the Billionaire has plenty of it. The home boasts the most advanced home technology system in the US, and one of its best features hides away in the backyard.

The theater screen you see above the pool is stored away when it’s not in use. But if you want to watch a film while you swim or lounge by the pool, at the push of a button the outdoor hydraulic 18′ x 10′ pop-up screen appears.

If You Need Me, I’ll Be Here

Makowsky emphasized the importance of taking advantage of the ideal Southern California climate while designing the home. That’s why everything looks out to the lawn space, pool, and outdoor dining, drawing you to venture outside and enjoy the sunshine.

The poolside is perfectly situated with reclining lawn chairs and the pop-up screen set-up. You can almost feel the sun on your skin and gentle breeze just looking at this dreamy backyard. Makowsky is a man who knows luxury.

Living Like A Boss

We could imagine the day in the life of living at the Billionaire as this: Wake up in your master suite and put in an hour at the state-of-the-art fitness center. From there, clean up in the luxury bathroom and head down to one of the three gourmet kitchens were a chef will cook up a healthy breakfast.

Then, a business call comes in, and you need to run to a meeting downtown. You nod to one of the staff to get the helicopter ready on the roof and 20 minutes later, you’re touching down. Come back to the Billionaire for a five-star dinner and entertaining guests, and wrap up the evening with a screening in the 40-seat theater. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Four-Lane Bowling Alley

What mega-mansion wouldn’t be complete without a bowling alley? Both Lady Gaga and the White House have their own bowling alleys, so the Billionaire required one too. Located right next to the candy wall and game room is the four-lane bowling alley with pristine wooden floors and stand-up paddleboards displayed on the walls.

Wait for your turn while reclining on luxurious furs, sipping champagne that’s readily available, lining the wall. We guarantee you’ve never bowled like this before!

Eighty-Five Foot Glass Tile Infinity Pool

The infinity pool has to be one of the biggest attractions of the billionaire. Spanning an incredible eight-five feet, the glass title pool exceeds the quality of five-star hotels, with attention paid to every last detail.

It seemingly drops off into the panoramic Los Angeles skyline, giving swimmers a once-in-a-lifetime experience they will never forget. The pool stretches around various corners for privacy and different views, as well as a swim-up bar. It doesn’t get much more luxurious than that.

Interior Design That Defines Indulgence

Unlike other luxury homes, that are often staged with furniture to give potential buyers a feel of how they would utilize the space, “Billionaire” comes fully furnished, to maintain the designer’s vision and provide an interior that’s unparalleled to anything else on the market.

Makowsky’s vision was “to cater to the super-affluent that demand the very best in life” and that shows in every inch of the space, including this indoor dining area that exudes warmth and energy.

Modern California Design

A Beverly Hills resident himself, Makowsky played up the use of outdoor space for dining and lounging, drawing people to enjoy the warm Southern California climate outside. He wrote, “The weather is unparalleled year-round, nothing but bright sunshine and stars; the lush private oasis nestled in the mountainside are talked about in nearly every corner of the earth.”

It’s true that this home is right in the middle of prime LA real estate, boasting some of the most spectacular views around.

Amazing Elegance Around Every Corner

You could gaze at a single image of the property for several minutes, taking in each meticulous detail that went into making “Billionaire” a truly unique piece of art, in and of itself. The stones and surfaces in each part of the home were carefully selected by Makowsky and his team of designers.

“Every inch of the property in the home had to be innovative, flawless, and meticulously curated,” Makowsky wrote. “I traveled the globe and secured the richest materials the world had to offer, taking it upon myself to personally organize each and every detail.”

A Gamer’s Dream

This image encapsulates the vision of Makowsky and his design team: a full sensory experience. There’s billiards, there’s ping-pong, there are sports cars and foosball- the list goes on.

If you find yourself low on energy, treat yourself to the giant candy wall and take a Ferrari out for a spin, because why not? As a kid, this is everything that you dreamed of having once you reached adulthood. And just when you thought it wasn’t possible, Makowsky makes it otherwise.

A Car Lover’s Dream Garage

The auto gallery displays $30 million worth of luxury automobiles, including Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Ferraris, a Bugatti Veyron, and a Rolls Royce. There’s also a 1936 Mercedes-Benz 540K that’s estimated to be worth well over $15 million.

As if that weren’t enough, it’s also stocked with ten luxury motorcycles and a Pagani Huayra. If you’re not familiar with that car, it’s because they’re are extremely rare. In fact, the one in the garage is one-of-a-kind and worth $2 million.

Art Lovers Will Be In Awe of 100+ Installations

It was of utmost importance to Makowsky and his design team that not only would the property itself be a work of art, but that there be art displayed throughout the house as well. Anyone who’s decorated a home knows that art can come at a high price, even when decorating an average-sized American home. So how costly would it be to purchase art for Billionaire?

With 38,000 square feet of indoor living space to furnish and decorate, Makowsky’s team installed over 100 pieces of art. They range from a 007 mural in the theater to an enormous camera sculpture sitting nearby the spiral staircase.

A Multi-Sensory Experience

Every textural, lighting, and color detail was carefully selected in designing “Billionaire” to provide a full sensory experience to its residents and guests. For this Bel Air property, coming home is not simply part of a daily routine, but a breathtaking, awe-inspiring experience.

Makowsky wrote, “It had to be a home that would leave you in utter amazement! The house succeeds in transcending the bounds of a typical home, and dually functioning as a multi-sensory, all-powerful experience for all who enter it.”

Gorgeous Spiral Staircase and Elevators, of Course

Carrying on the theme of luxury and over-the-top living, Billionaire offers surprises for guests at every turn. The helicopter that sits on the roof is a replica of the one that appeared in the 1980’s television series Airwolf.

The elevators are lined with alligator skin and the staircase you see is made of polished steel, valued at $2 million. If you see a fire extinguisher, know that it shouldn’t be used to put out a fire. It would only make it worse, in fact, because they’re filled with prestigious champagne, Dom Perignon.

20,000 Feet of Deck Space

It seems as if the views are never-ending, looking out from various angles of the property. And it’s pretty accurate. Makowsky designed the home with a 270˚ view. The lucky future resident of the estate will enjoy a panoramic view stretching from the San Gabriel mountains, which are gorgeously snow-capped in the winter, all the way to the LA coast in Malibu.

Makowsky wanted people to feel like they could experience Los Angeles is all its entirety, while standing in one location, which he called “a singluar achievement for California real estate.”

Billionaire-Dollar Views of Southern California

Very few places in Los Angeles offer the view that the Billionaire does, and even fewer of those are personal residences. When the elaborate home hit the market on January 18, 2017, listed at $250, it was set to become the most expensive home ever sold in Los Angeles County.

The Playboy mansion currently holds that title, purchased for $100 million. The Billionaire would also break the record for the most expensive property sold in the state of California, which is currently $117.5 million.

Avoid LA Traffic Like Kobe

Back when Kobe Bryant was the star player of the Los Angeles Lakers, he let his fans and LA residents in on his secret: Kobe doesn’t sit in traffic. Especially the excruciating traffic that LA is notorious for. When your bank account is brimming at hundreds of millions of dollars, you take the high road and ditch the rat race. We’re talking helicopters.

Kobe admitted to taking a private helicopter from his Orange County residence to the games at Staples center, and Makowsky planned for Billionaire’s residents to do the same. That’s why it’s outfitted and permitted with a helicopter pad.

The Prestigious Bel Air Zip Code

The 90077 zip code that Billionaire is set in is part of what makes it so pricey. The neighborhood is strictly home to the most affluent individuals in Los Angeles and beyond. Billionaire Elon Musk, megastar Jennifer Lopez, and power couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé are just a few of its residents.

Oddly enough, the neighborhood was first inhabited by oil tycoon Alphonzo Edward Bell, who hated celebrities and even tried to ban them from buying property in Bel Air. But the Golden Age of Hollywood ruined all that- for him anyway- as the first stars settled into Bel Air, including Judy Garland, Elizabeth Taylor, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and Alfred Hitchcock.