Ultimate Luxury: Behold The Most Expensive Home In The Nation

There’s luxury, and then there’s this house. Perched in the affluent community of Bel Air, the 55,000 square foot property is currently the most expensive real estate in the entire United States. Developer Bruce Makowsky was inspired by the over-the-top luxurious yachts he saw in Southern California and wondered why no one designed real estate that matches the same level of luxury. And so he decided to build a home that went above and beyond all imaginable components of a luxurious lifestyle. The Bel Air home, dubbed “Billionaire,” is on the market for $250 million and while you might not have the means to make an offer, we’ll give you a glimpse inside the most luxurious home in the nation.

Luxury Living at its Finest

Makowsky aimed to create “the ultimate megayacht, but on land” with the massive luxury home. Once he decided what his mission was, the next step was finding the perfect piece of land to build on.

The real estate developer already had his sights set on Los Angeles, but the biggest city on the west coast still offered a wide range of options. Makowsky said, “I searched by land and helicopter to find a setting worthy of creating this masterpiece.”