Beyond 90210: The Richest Zip Codes In The United States

Each state in the U.S. is known for its affluent neighborhoods that are home to the rich and famous. But there are some areas that take the top spots when it comes to the richest locations in the entire country.

This article explores the richest zip codes in America, including not just the big cities but the smaller regions in between. These were compiled based on the adjusted gross incomes of the residents in these areas. Here are the most exclusive addresses in the United States.

Boston, Massachusetts

Maddie Meyer via Getty Images
Maddie Meyer via Getty Images

One of the only cities in the eastern part of the U.S. to make the list of the richest zip codes is Boston. This place is home to one of the biggest financial districts in the country, which overlooks a stunning waterfront.

The city is also a major tourist hub and some of its attractions include the Sargent’s Wharf and the eastern shore, where many of Boston’s wealthiest residents live. The median value of a home here is over $1 million and the average income is $711,900.