PHOTOS: Jennifer Garner’s Swoon-Worthy Mansion In The Pacific Palisades

Who doesn’t love taking a peek into the homes of celebrities? Often purchasing extravagant homes around the Los Angeles area, celebrities live a life of luxury that most of us can only dream of. We’re especially interested when it comes to the homes of A-listers like Jennifer Garner, who boasts an estimated net worth of $60 million.

While the average American has a strict budget when it comes to owning a home (the average U.S. homeowner spends $1,443 a month on housing) Hollywood’s elite has their pick of the litter. When Jennifer needed temporary housing for her family, she chose a mansion in the Pacific Palisades.

Jennifer’s Mansion in the Pacific Palisades

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images/Compass
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images/Compass

Jennifer and Ben Affleck’s divorce was finalized in October 2018, and it was time for Jennifer to formally move on. That included selling the couple’s ginormous Pacific Palisades estate. Once listed on the market, it was sold to Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine for $32 million.

After the home sold, the actress opted to purchase a smaller home for herself and her three kids, a fixer-upper in Brentwood Park for $7.9. But while that property was being renovated, Jennifer rented out a nearby mansion in the Pacific Palisades.