The Incredible Jewels Of The British Royal Family

The British royal family has been amassing its vast collection of jaw-dropping jewels and regalia for centuries. Though some of the crown jewels have evolved over time — many are altered to fit newcomers to the royal family or reset with other precious stones from the collection — the priceless pieces remain breathtaking.

From tiaras to necklaces and brooches to rings, each and every heirloom of the British royal family has a story behind it. Let’s take a closer look at some of the sparkliest, shiniest, and most blindingly beautiful pieces of jewelry ever be fit for a queen.

Queen Mary Recycled Her Jewelry

The Delhi Durbar Tiara was originally made for Queen Mary in 1911. It was made by Garrard for a celebration in Delhi that marked the coronation of King George V and Queen Mary as Emperor and Empress of India. Mary had this tiara made with remnants of another tiara set in platinum and gold. It used to have 10 cabochon emerald drops on top but these were later repurposed into a different tiara.

Press Preview Of Diamonds Exhibition At Buckingham Palace To Celebrate The Queen's Diamond Jubilee
Photo by Bethany Clarke/Getty Images
Photo by Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

This tiara was most recently lent out to Queen Elizabeth’s daughter-in-law Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, for her first appearance at a banquet as a member of the royal family.