Billions And Trillions: The Richest Cities In The World

These cities produce the biggest gross domestic product numbers in the world. With millions of people living within their confines, they are mechas of technological innovation, home to financial centers, and the birthplaces for some of the world’s most successful businesses.

We estimated each cities GDP using 2018 and 2019 reported numbers from PwC, Brookings Institution, and McKinsey, along with backing data from Statista and several other trusted reporting sources. Here’s each city along with information about the biggest GDP sector contributors for their staggering wealth.

Tokyo (Japan): $1.6 Trillion

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Carl Court/Getty Images
Carl Court/Getty Images

Tokyo’s GDP is heavily centered around the automobile and tech sectors. Japan is the third-largest automaker in the world and the city’s innovations in that space have helped it accumulate massive amounts of wealth.

Like much of Japan, Tokyo is also a technological epicenter with a focus on leading-edge technologies that have resulted in some fo the world’s most sought-after patents. Tokyo also has a large focus on precious items such as optical instruments and robotics.