Raising The Bar: The Richest Lawyers In The World

Although many people believe that all lawyers end up rich, this isn’t exactly true. In one year, most lawyers earn around $133,470. That’s an impressive salary that surpasses most peoples’ incomes, but it doesn’t qualify them as millionaires. Of course, some attorneys have transcended the average pay and reached multi-billionaire status. So, who are they?

These lawyers gained their fortune through defending cases and investing in stocks. Some double as reality TV stars, while others represent huge corporations like Disney. From a former San Francisco Giants manager to the attorney who backed every rock n’ roll legend, here are the world’s wealthiest lawyers.

Richard Scruggs Owns A $1.7 Million Fortune

Richard Scruggs in an interview on MPB
Youtube/Mississippi Public Broadcasting
Youtube/Mississippi Public Broadcasting

Richard Scruggs has retained his $1.7 billion net worth as a famous trial lawyer. He has successfully argued against several major companies, including the tobacco litigation of the 1990s, home insurance companies after Hurricane Katrina, and a national class action against HMOs.

In 2008, Scruggs pleaded guilty to judicial bribery and served six years in prison. He has now served his time and kept his fortune. During his time in prison, he taught illiterate, non-violent inmates. Now, Scruggs lives with his wife in his Oxford, Mississippi mansion, running Scruggs Law Firm.