How To Stay Sane While Working From Home

Although working from home sounds like a vacation, it isn’t. A 2019 poll found that people who work remotely log in 1.4 more days a month than their in-office counterparts. Additionally, 29% of remote employees struggle to balance work and home life.

If you now work from home, you may worry about feeling stressed or stir crazy. But by following specific tips–establishing routines, setting up your workspace well, and getting dressed in the morning–your remote job can run smoothly. Learn how to remain sane, happy, and productive while working from home.

Stick To Consistent Work Hours

A person checks her wristwatch.

If you mix work with laundry, cleaning, and hanging out, there’s no clear line between employment and relaxation. Not only that, but you may not put in the full amount of hours. Schedule your work hours and breaks beforehand to ensure that you’re getting in enough hours.

Unless you’re on break or lunch, don’t mix chores with employment. The more you mix your job and free time, the less likely you’ll be to get out of the “work” mindset. Do you want to feel like you’re still working after hours? Probably not.