These Are The Largest Industries In Each U.S. State

Each state has one industry that contributes the most towards its gross domestic product (GDP). While many states in the U.S. are known for their profitable real estate sectors, there are many other smaller industries that can have an effect on the GDP. These include industries like insurance, farming and oil extraction.

As real estate is often the largest industry in each state, this list explores the biggest industry in each state excluding the real estate category. Here are the largest industries in states across the country.

Alabama: Ambulatory Services

Emergency Medical Service team
BSIP/Universal Images Group via Getty Images
BSIP/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Real estate is considered the largest industry in most states but after this sector, ambulatory services is the next largest industry. This sector is the largest contributor to the GDP of Alabama. With a total GDP contribution of $8.3 billion, this represents 5-percent of the state’s GDP.

The ambulatory services industry consists of dentists, physicians, and outpatient care. Since older people have a greater need for ambulatory services, states like Alabama that have a larger senior population also have more ambulatory service providers. 16 percent of the population in Alabama is above 65 years.