Your Wasting Years Of Your Life Doing These Three Unnecessary Things At Work

Do you ever finish work, think to yourself “what I even do today?” wondering what you actually accomplished? Sometimes it feels as though you were just going through the motions. Well, a new report by “Inc.” says the average worker in the United States spends half of their day on time-wasting tasks.

One of the tasks the report says we waste a ton of time doing is commuting. According to the 2018 U.S. Census Bureau, the average person commutes to work for 27 minutes. For an average worker that amounts to approximately 5.6 years of your life spent commuting to work, or about 13% of your workday.

The report says that useless meetings also take up a large part of your day. A study conducted by MIT found that an average worker spends 22 years of their career in meetings. What’s worse is that an estimated one third of those meetings are believed to be of no value. This means 16% of a person’s entire career is spent in useless meetings.

In addition to pointless meetings, an average worker spends a ton of time with irrelevant emails. According to Forbes, the average worker spends 1.8 hours daily reading and responding to emails that have nothing to do with their job. If you work 45 years in a career with emails, that adds up to a total of 10 years, or 23%, on pointless emails. I mean, at least you’re getting paid right?