The Eating Habits Of The World’s Richest People Will Surprise You

People sometimes forget that billionaires are human just like us. Just because they make a substantial amount of money doesn’t change the fact that they need to eat just like the rest of us. However, with the world at their fingertips, what do these billionaires choose to eat on a daily basis? Do they go through a drive-thru or hire a personal chef? You’re about to find out. Here’s the scoop on what some of the world’s wealthiest people like to eat.

Buffett Heads To Micky D’s

Helmut Garcia/Pinterest
Helmut Garcia/Pinterest

This might come to you a bit of a surprise, but investing guru Warren Buffett enjoys fast food for breakfast. As unhealthy of a choice McDonald’s may be, Buffett, worth $82.7 billion, indulges in it when he’s feeling a certain way.

“When I’m not feeling quite so prosperous, I might go with the $2.61, which is two sausage patties, and then I put them together and pour myself a Coke,” he revealed in the HBO documentary Becoming Warren Buffett.