The Best Apps To Help Prevent Holiday Burnout

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season has arrived. As most of us know, along with it comes major stress. The stress of buying the perfect gift, fighting through throngs of people to get said gift, holiday travel plans, and the ultimate stress – getting together with the family. Before you have visions of fighting with your uncle over politics while asking to pass the stuffing – help is on the way! Since all of us are constantly connected to one another and the world at large via the tiny computers in our hands, aka phones, why not put technology to good use? Check out these apps to aid with your holiday season. From mediation guides to organizational tips, there is sure to be something to help you have the smoothest and most enjoyable holiday season ever!


For starters, the app Pacifica is designed specifically to help you deal with stress and anxiety, which for many is known to be particularly cumbersome throughout the holiday season. The app is based on cognitive therapy and it also offers techniques for relaxation and general wellness. It works like this: You track your daily activities which you can either type in or record vocally.

The app then tracks what activities that might be triggering your stress and anxiety in order to make changes that work for you. This one might be particularly helpful for getting through stressful moments during the holiday season. It’s available for free on iOS and Android phones, although there may be some in-app purchases.