Small Things That Can Affect The Outcome Of A Job Interview

In order to make your way in the world, one of the first steps is to secure a job. Typically, the hiring process requires an interview, so potential employers can meet you in person and get a general feel for who you are. Now, most people would agree that job interviews can be extremely stressful. It’s an incredibly crucial first impression to make, with employers meticulously analyzing your past, who you are now, and your future goals. However, besides your qualifications and your personality, there are less obvious things that can affect the outcome of a job interview. Here are some of the most crucial ones.

The Weather Can Affect Both Parties Moods

Woman walking in the rain with an umbrella
Jason Oxenham/Getty Images
Jason Oxenham/Getty Images

Although the weather isn’t the primary driving force that affects people’s mood, studies have shown that it does have some influence. In a study performed by the University of Toronto regarding medical school admission interviews, it was discovered that those who were interviewed on a rainy day did worse than sun-day interviewees.

However, it doesn’t just affect the interviewees either. On a rainy day, those performing the interview can feel slower than usual or even bored, therefore influencing their perception of a candidate. So, if possible, try to schedule an interview on a day that you know will have clear skies and lots of sunlight.