Surprisingly Good Paying Jobs That You Might Not Have Thought Of

We all know that doctors, lawyers, and engineers make serious money, but how does the rest of America provide for their families? There are plenty of other jobs to keep you comfortable that you may not have thought of.

The required experience and education vary depending on the career, but there’s something for everyone! You probably won’t stumble into a job as a medical illustrator, but maybe you suddenly want to become an underwater welder or a hot dog vendor?

Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controllers at Portland International
Photo Credit: Derek Davis/Staff photographer via Getty Images
Photo Credit: Derek Davis/Staff photographer via Getty Images

An air traffic controller’s job is to manage the aircraft flying into and out of the airport airspace, as well as to guide pilots during takeoff and landing, and to monitor aircrafts as they travel through the skies.

In terms of salary, it ranges from state to state and also depends on the size of the airport you work at, but it is estimated that the average US ATC salary is somewhere between $80K – $100K annually, with the top tier earning up to $170K.