These People Lost Out On Millions And Even Billions Of Dollars

Imagine giving up your equity in a startup early or passing on the opportunity to invest in a friend or family’s business venture, only to watch the business explode in popularity in the coming years. These people could have made millions but a single choice led them in a different direction.

From a guy who theoretically passed up $138 billion to a Facebook employee who left the social network before it went public to appear on the hit TV show The Bachelorette, we have something for everyone. A few decisions seemed like a bad idea but ended up working out even better for the people involved!

Catherine Hettinger: Lost Out On The Fidget Spinner Fortune

Chesnot/Getty Images
Chesnot/Getty Images

We don’t know how much Catherine Hettinger lost out on but it was definitely millions of dollars. Twenty years before the fidget spinner became a massive hit in 2017, Hettinger came up with the idea and patented her invention.

Hettinger patented the “finger spinner” in 1997 but lost the patent in 2005 when she couldn’t afford to pay the $400 renewal fee for her invention. Millions of units have sold in recent years, making the product a massive financial success.