These Road Warriors Are the Best Vehicles to Take You 250,000 Miles and Beyond

One of the biggest challenges of buying a vehicle is knowing how far it can take you. Some vehicles have reputations for going 300,000 miles without a problem, while others are lucky to reach the end of their 100,000-mile warranty. Which kind of vehicles would you prefer? This list will show you the most reliable vehicles you can own. These vehicles laugh at the idea of only going 250,000 miles. From Subarus to Toyotas, the vehicles you’re about to see will always get you where you’re trying to go.

The Subaru Forester Is Still The King Of The Road

subaru forester reliable car

Introduced in Japan in 1997, the Subaru Forester is one of the most reliable SUVs on the road. It has twice been awarded Motor Trends coveted SUV of the Year award and was named Car Connection’s Best Car to Buy in 2014.

With minimal maintenance, the Forester will easily go more than 250,000 miles. We wouldn’t be surprised if it even takes your far beyond 300,000, the benchmark for the most reliable SUVs. This reputation for reliability is one of the reasons Subaru is one of the world’s most trusted auto brands.