Commonly Misused Phrases That Make You Sound Less Professional

When deciding between which phrase to use, be sure to be careful. You wouldn’t want your boss to extract revenge on you. You would want to help exact revenge on the company that stole intellectual property. That’s just one example, but believe there are a ton more that people get mixed up every day.

Knowing the difference between commonly misused phrases will help from seeming unprofessional. “An impeccable reputation that makes you look consistently professional and reliable stick with you and could be the difference between a promotion,” U.S. News reported. So go through this list and learn the correct way to use commonly misused phrases.

“Tongue And Cheek” Versus “Tongue In Cheek”

Chaloner Woods/Getty Images
Chaloner Woods/Getty Images

Let’s get this one out of the way now. People say tongue in cheek remarks every day. That is a phrase that carries sarcasm, exaggeration, and even irony. An example would be Tom Cruise saying his career is over during a speech after just winning two Academy Awards.

Conversely, people like to use “tongue and cheek” by mistake regularly. “Tongue and cheek” can only mean that a cheek and tongue were involved. Now you can help the next person who uses this phrase.