All The Reasons People Are Talking About The Swedish Royal Family

The Swedish royal family was established in 1818, with Carl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden currently holding the throne. The King and the members of the royal family reside at the Royal House of Bernadotte. In recent years, both the Swedish and international media has been paying more attention to the family due to an uptick in marriages, births, and a bit of controversy. Take an in-depth look into the personal lives of the members of the royal family including their history, relationships, drama, and what they have recently been up to.

Princess Sofia Was Quite Different Before Meeting Prince Charles Philip

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia

Sofia has quite an interesting past compared to other members of the royal family. Back in the day, she was best-known for modeling for male magazines, as well as for her role on the reality television series Paradise Hotel. Yet, she’s also accomplished more than just becoming a princess.

She majored in accounting in New York and is a certified yoga instructor. She has also done volunteer work in South Africa, Senegal, and Ghana. Her tattoos were also a topic of discussion, which could be seen on her wedding day.