The Salaries Of TV’s Top Reporters Are Astonishingly High

We see reporters’ faces every day. From home TVs to screens in airports and waiting rooms, TV anchors tell us what’s happening around the world. It’s a hard job to land, for sure. But most of us don’t think about how an anchor got their position or how much they make.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average news reporter makes around $65,000. Popular anchors, though, make much more–up to $25 million a year. You might feel flabberghasted knowing how much your everyday reporters are making. Here are the highest-paid reporters from Fox, CBS, NBC, and more.

Fox And NBC Legal Reporter Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly, host of America Live on set at Fox News studios in New York.
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In 1995, Megyn Kelly kickstarted her career as a defense attorney. She wouldn’t begin reporting until 2003 when ABC’s affiliate WJLA-TV assigned her to recount court cases. In 2004, she began working for Fox; in 2016, she moved to NBC. She earns around $15 million annually.

During her employment with Fox, Kelly directed her own legal segment, Kelly’s Court, during Weekend Live. She later hosted for America Live with Megyn Kelly. She later switched to NBC for a “triple role”: daytime as Megyn Kelly Today, weekly with Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly, and nightly on The Kelly File.