These Are The Top Mistakes Leaders Should Avoid At All Costs

Very often, people find themselves in a leadership position before they are prepared to take on the role. This can happen when an employee in a senior position leaves and needs to be replaced or when an employee decides to take initiative and asks for a leadership role. These situations can put a person outside their comfort zone, enabling them to grow.

While the qualities of a good leader include a handful of skills, there are a number of mistakes that a good leader should never make. Studies show that 75 percent of people consider their managers to be the worst part of their job. If managers avoid making the mistakes listed here, they’ll be well on their way to becoming a better leader and achieving more success.

Avoid Delegating Work

Confuse Control With Delegation
Marion Nitsch/Edge Magazine/Future via Getty Images
Marion Nitsch/Edge Magazine/Future via Getty Images

Someone in a leadership role is clearly in a position of authority. However, bad leaders can take their authority too far and demand control over every last detail of the team and their work. One of the ways they do this is by misunderstanding the relationship between control and delegation.

A poor leader will frequently refuse to delegate work to others because of a distrust of the team or a desire to keep information to themselves. In these scenarios, employees will struggle to make meaning of their jobs and they also don’t get to learn by working on new projects. A good leader is comfortable delegating work to others and celebrating the success of the entire team.