Things You Never Noticed At Aldi But Now You Can’t Ignore

The Aldi grocery chain is quite different than the majority of its competitors. It’s their unique way of doing business that has the U.S. CEO of Walmart keeping a close eye on them as Aldi profits soar. Customers endure several inconveniences while shopping at Aldi, but that doesn’t deter them from coming back. It’s quite the opposite, in fact, as Aldi grocery stores have a cult-like-following unmatched by other discount stores. Communities even petition for one to open nearby if they don’t have access. How exactly is Aldi raking in profits while keeping up demand? These are the unique business strategies that are setting them apart from the rest.

Aldi Has a Unique Way of Displaying Product For a Reason

Scott Olson/Getty Images
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Many grocery store aisles have tall shelves stacked with perfectly displayed products that are designed to catch your eye. Major grocery chains spend a lot of money hiring store stockers to work through the night unloading product. But not Aldi.

Aldi saves money and increases employee productivity using their product display method. The chain simply lines their aisles, displaying their products in the large packing boxes they came in.