These Succeeding Companies Were Founded In The Last Decade

We hear about new companies every single day, some businesses succeed while others don’t. The 2010s was a decade that brought some big and successful companies to life. These companies may have started out of homes and garages but have grown to become household names today.

Remember when companies like Uber, Lyft, and Twitter didn’t exist? These companies changed our lifestyles and helped shape the decade as a whole. Here are the companies that you might have forgotten were founded in the 2010s.


Photo by Drew Angerer via Getty Images
Olly Curtis/Future via Getty Images

Getting into a stranger’s car was unthinkable a few years ago but the ride-sharing company, Uber has now made this the norm. This company has helped change the way we travel and has made getting around a total breeze. The app allows you to request a ride to any destination in your city.

Since being founded in 2009, Uber is estimated to have 110 million worldwide users and a 67% market share for riding-sharing. In 2018, the company had an estimated revenue of $11.27 billion.