The Worst Planes And Helicopters Ever Made

The Wright Brothers are probably the most well-known aircraft designers in history that had many failures along the way, but there are plenty of others that you’ve never heard about. In the 1950s and ’60s, militaries attempted to innovate aircraft that would give them an edge in the event that another world war took place. They designed new bombers, fighter jets, and planes with vertical takeoffs. Sure, they sounded good on paper, but once they attempted to take flight, it could quickly become an utter disaster.

Unfortunately, this list isn’t limited to military aircraft concepts. There are some terrible commercial airliners that should have never left the ground. It’s hard to believe we considered any of these awful plane and helicopter designs for a second.

The Fisher P-75 Eagle Was A Let-Down

 Fisher P-75 Eagle
Lewis Adams/Pinterest
Lewis Adams/Pinterest

Everything about the Fisher P-75 Eagle was supposed to be a success. The “75” came from the French 75-mm gun of the Great War, so it was a symbol of victory. Adding eagle to the name stood for American greatness and the media helped build the hype of this aircraft.

The P-75 Eagle was the Frankenstein of interceptors as it combined parts from better aircraft. Sadly, the engine used for the Eagle didn’t live up to the hype of everything else and was highly disappointing. It lacked horsepower and made the overall performance of the Eagle underwhelming.