Sales For E-Cigarettes Are Falling

There has been a lot of news regarding e-cigarettes lately. Popular brand Juul was accused of illegal marketing practices after they promoted their products as healthier than smoking with no scientific evidence. Across the U.S. there have been numerous vaping related illnesses and deaths reported. Now, new data shows that there has been in a decline in the purchase of Juul items.

It’s no surprise that data from Nielsen shows a slowdown in sales after these recent controversies. The data firm based its figures off a 12-week time span that ended on September 21st. In the last four weeks of the span, they say that sales increased 31.2%, which is a slowdown compared to 56.2% in the total of the 12 weeks.

The report also shows that it isn’t just Juul that is suffering. They say that e-cigarette sales, in general, have fallen. The last four weeks of data show a 38.1% sale increase which is a 10% drop compared to the overall 12-week stretch.

Last week, Juul announced their CEO would be stepping down and they ceased all advertising in the midst of the controversy. As of October 1st, there have been 15 vaping related deaths in the U.S.