The Most Valuable Exports By Country Make You Realize How Busy The World Is

If you’ve ever read the label on a bag of coffee or looked real close at the tags on your clothes, you’ll notice that that product was made in a country that’s not the U.S.A. The world economy thrives on trade agreements that all the nations have with each other and that, in turn, helps each nation’s economy as well. It all depends on what any given country’s main export is.

You might expect that Japan’s most valuable export is cars, but did you know that Afghanistan’s export economy flourishes thanks to a very common fruit? Read on to see what product each country is busy doling out for the rest of the world.

Ethiopia: Coffee

ethiopia main export coffee
Per-Anders Pettersson/Corbis News/Getty Images
Per-Anders Pettersson/Corbis News/Getty Images

Coffee comprises about 32-percent of Ethiopia’s total exports and it’s also their most valuable. More than 90-percent of Ethiopia’s coffee harvest is organically produced and they are particularly renowned for their arabica coffee grown in the Ethiopian highlands. In 2017, the African country shipped out $963 million USD worth of coffee, tea, and spices.

Aside from coffee, Ethiopia also exports the leather, skins, and meat of livestock in addition to oilseeds and other produce. This country’s total global exports were worth $2.9 billion USD in 2017, which would only amount to $27 for each of their 105.4 million residents.